04 January 2012

after this week, i'll have more ulcers.

Our last night before we were doomed with school, Scott and I spent the evening rock climbing with Nate and Lacey. It was loads of fun - it might become a habit of going. (I am so sad we took NO pictures.) 

We went out for ice cream with Jennica and Dave after climbing, and I spent the rest of my evening stressing about the next day. 
After a sleepless night of stress and grief, I woke up to a very dreaded day. 

Today, Scott and I started classes again. Luckily, this is Scott's last semester. 
Unluckily, this is first of many more semesters. 

All you could hear us repeatedly muttering this morning was, 
     this sucks so bad.
                                     April - please come fast. 

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