13 January 2012


sometimes I sit here and read those blogs of people that live in New York, California, or even here in Utah, and watch them go out to expensive places, travel the world, or have such a happy life with their cute little babies. 
sometimes I sit here and wonder why that's not me. 

because its not. 

I don't live in a big city or travel often. 
I don't have the money to go shopping like I'd want. 
and I definitely cannot handle a baby right now - cute or not. 

But it doesn't matter what I don't have. 

I have a husband who absolutely loves me, and who makes me smile every single day.
I have two families that care about me. 
I have a three bedroom apartment.
I have a bookcase full of great books.
I have a lovely view outside of my bedroom window.
      and I feel loved by those around me. 

and you want to know what..

right now, that's good enough for me.