01 February 2012


This past weekend, the Nelson siblings and I were able make the long trek up to Ogden to go

Never, ever, would I have thought that I was ever going to be doing something like this. 
Honestly, I initially didn't want to go. 
And after I finally talked myself into it, and later walked into the room, saw the big noisy vortex tube and the people hovering around in it, all I wanted to do was sit and watch like all the other people around. 

But, I am proud to say that I did it.  
And, according to scott, I wasn't too bad. It was actually loads of fun, the instructor was a champ, and our jumpsuits were key. 


  1. lookit your blog getting more & more updated :P i'm proud cousin!

    p.s. those jumpsuits? HOT.

  2. in my suit i feel i must: stop.. hammer time

  3. that was sooo much fun! Glad you decided to join in the fun! Love the updates;]