26 February 2012

six months

Six months ago we made promises we will never break. and now we are celebrating those six months:

Half a year of experimenting with brownies at midnight.

Half a year of singing along to rap music in the car (as best as we white people can).

Half a year of dollar movies and cold walks to the car where we squeeze our hands together so tight.

Half a year of laughing about awkward or cool things we find ourselves involved in.

Half a year of late-night talks, and cuddles and waking up to your best friend.

Half a year of fights but fast make-ups and I'm sorry's and I love you's.

Half a year of tests, and homework-filled late nights and hugs in the doorways, but half a year of being together when we can and making it count.

Half a year of you and me living life as us.

Best half year I ever had.

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