08 February 2012

Wedding Diary: The Dress

Attention: for anyone getting married soon…book an appointment with this person asap.

Initially, my experience trying to find a dress was a hectic one. Until I met this lady. 
First, have you ever seen “Say Yes to the Dress”? That show was my whole experience, minus gay designers and crabby women.

Cousin told me about some underground wedding gown lady a.k.a “the dress nazi.” She sells dresses out of her home for wholesale price. The thing that got me: she’s been 100% succesfull. Everyone leaves with a dress they love.

I lucked out and got an appointment booked within the month (which I’ve heard is amazing). All we had to do was tell her our price range, and the kind of things I wanted/didn’t want.
When I showed up, She gave me dresses after dresses to put on. And just like the show, I’d either say yes or no. After the first round, we went back through the “yes” dresses. And after a couple of hours, I finally found the dress.

Although it wasn't what I had originally envisioned at all, it was still perfect in my eyes. It had the fit, feel, and style that I liked and that went along with the rest of the wedding.
AND it had pockets. One of the few characteristics I was not going to let go. 
And it's true, my mom, me, and aunt chere cried when I put it on. 

If anyone is at all interesting in buying a wedding dress, I would highly recommend this. 
At least try it out.
Joan Astle
By special private appointment only

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