09 February 2012

Wedding Diary: The Groom

I have to dedicate at least one post to my dearest husband. I don’t always think people realize how much work/patience/happy demeanor/etc. that men have to put into every day of the engagement period. Although Scott was able to disappear to go sailing and rappelling that summer, we still made him work his tail off.

He helped my family demolish the deck, backyard, and anything else we needed. He painted, fixed things, and sat through agonizing meetings about colors, chairs, and flowers.

Scott is truly the love of my life, and is such a sweetheart to me.
He gives me kisses at any free moment, never fails to tell me how much he is in love with me, and always makes me laugh.
He manages to stay collected in overly stressful situations and usually calms me when I’m frazzled.
He is so much better at finding fashionable things than I am, and ultimately, I have to admit, usually dresses better than me.
And even after 5+ months of being married, I am falling in love with him ever still. 

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