16 February 2012

Wedding Diary: The Honeymoon

I'm finally finishing off the whole Wedding theme I've been doing for the past week or so.
So, to finish it off, here is about our Honeymoon. 

Scott and I had the great opportunity to go to St. Thomas (it's actually, technically a part of the USA - I had no clue). 

I specifically remember telling Scott we didn't have to go on a week long vacation (we were going to be missing school because of this), only something for a short weekend. Scott did not listen or consider my thoughts and booked a week long trip out of the 50 states. Although at first I was sorta stressed about it, I was completely grateful that Scott had his way on this one. After months of planning and getting tired of wedding stuff, we were finally able to enjoy ourselves. 

Besides the obvious, we loved being able to travel with each other and figure out the whole marriage thing while being in a Caribbean heaven. 

Because some stories are long and others are too tedious to explain, here are a few pictures with some possible commentary. 

 St. Thomas

 St. John

Some old ruins from Rum-making Mills

Trunk Bay - where we snorkeled

Me, pointing to all of my bug bites (take notice of the huge one on my face)

Instead of Rum, we get Root Beer

Our Hotel


  1. So sweet. I've never seen any of these! So gorgeous!

  2. aaaah. you two are cute. i see pics like this and feel the need to be married. also, on a sidenote, the leopard spotted gray shirt in the side bar is adorable.