07 February 2012

Wedding Diary: Invites // Photography

These were two important parts of the wedding that I was greatly involved in.

1. Invitations.
Thanks to my wonderful neighbor Brenda, I was able to have the invites I ended up with.
Initially, we were struggling with finishing the invitations on time, I was a mess, and Scott was scrambling to hand draw something out, when
Brenda saved the day.
She is the owner of Pebbles in my Pocket, and naturally, is fantastic at anything cutesy, artsy, and "scrapbooky." She made the whole set of invitations for me and even sent it off to be printed for us so that all we had to do was pick them up. Amazing.
Thank you Brenda.

2. Photography.
Word to the wise, pick a photographer you love. Make sure you research different people so that you can get exactly what you want. Luckily, Cousin (who was one of my photographers), told me about a friend of a friend, Mckenzie, who was a photographer. I immediately contacted her, signed a contract, and put down a deposit.
Mckenzie was more than I could have expected. She is young, fun, and very in tune with my style. I was more than ecstatic to see the results of my bridals. Her style went along with my theme and made everything flow so much better.

Both Cousin and Mckenzie are great photographers and I would recommend them to anyone.

Check them out here:

Cousin aka Chelsie Clarke

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  1. I sure love you! We want your cousin to take our family picture this summer. Your wedding pictures were breathtaking...