11 February 2012

Wedding Diary: The Reception

The reception was wonderful. 
We actually opted to have our reception the night before our wedding day. Though it might have been slightly confusing to some, it made our wedding a whole lot less stressful. It was a night where we could relax and have fun after months of planning and working. 

We decided to have our reception in my parent’s backyard. My whole vision was to have a sort of “Secret Garden” appeal, and our backyard had that look. With some work from some wonderful people in my family, we tore apart our old deck, built a new one, and worked on the landscaping. By the end our backyard was beautiful.

Being on a budget, my mom and I had to find ways to do things ourselves. My mom researched deals on tablecloths because renting them was too much. We called in favors from family friends - they helped us get flowers, invitations, and food. My family all chipped in little unique trinkets to help with the decor. Because of all these people, we were able to put everything together.

Although the beginning of the reception was being threatened with a little rain, it ended up being a gorgeous night with a lot of fun people. The party was so simple and so personal that we were able to talk with all of our guests and enjoy it for ourselves. I loved being surrounded by those I love, and having an evening where it all came together.

One of my favorite parts: 
Scott and I lying underneath the lights after everyone had left, ready for the next day. 

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