28 March 2012

terrible, horrible, no good, very bad.. week

you know the end of the semester is coming up when everything in life starts to break down. 
as of late, our home is in shambles:

we have a room where the majority of my clothes are on the ground, rather than the closet,
a sink full of very dirty dishes,
emotions changing from hysterical laughing to complete sobbing,
an un-made bed with barely any sheets,
meals consisting of homemade nachos, 
going to bed at 3am, 
blankets everywhere because my body heat changes more often than I like,
and piles of books everywhere from studying. 

Although we're living like sloppy bachelors, nothing will be changing anytime soon. 
We'll sleep in the grime, study our hearts out, and steal dinner from the parentals. 
10 more days until I'm free from school!

ps. Alexander will always be on my top favorite childhood books. Did any of you read those books when you were younger?

1 comment:

  1. mom is just a phone call away if your buried too deep and need a little help...and of course the kitchen is always open.