21 March 2012

thoughts on thoughts

I read this recently from another blogger and gladly found that there is someone else who thinks the way I do. I tend to find myself fitting into the category of someone with a "wandering mind;" I can't always focus on what I'm doing in the moment

Today I was so focused on watching people in the JKB and thinking about how cheese becomes cheese, that I could not begin reading without a pointless thought pestering my mind (and I'll have you know that I actually enjoy the text). I ended up having to read out loud (haven't done that since I was 8) just to get past a paragraph without having my attention be diverted elsewhere. 

So, here is this lovely blogger's thoughts on "thoughts" that got me thinking: 

"You who study hard, you who can sit in one position for more than four minutes, you who don't feel like big HARDEE HAR HAR speech bubbles come out of your mouth every time you open it, you who think through one thought from start to finish without eleven others trying to stick sharp little pieces of themselves through the side of it, you who do not blurt every single incoherent phrase you ever think, you who want to make cookies longer than the instant the dough is mixed, you, you happy few, please enjoy a perfectly soft-boiled egg and ironed skirt and organized notebook and a deep, meaningful conversation for me.
Please and thank you."

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  1. Hey :) I'm glad you liked it. Scatterbraineds unite!