05 March 2012

when procrastination gets you

Here's a story:
Scott left early one morning to get to a school group meeting. 
I left the apartment an hour later to get to class. 
Half way through the walk to get to campus, I get a call from Scott saying that he was on his way to pick me up, but that the car had run out of gas.
I then walked who knows where to find him and the parked car. 

We called his mom, who came down with a gas container. When she got out of the car, she informed us that she had forgotten to get the spout that goes onto the container. 
So, of course, we walked over to the nearby Baskin Robbins to get cups, cones, and anything that could be used for a make-shift spout. 

After Scott's engineering skills, we somehow managed to get our homemade flask to work, put a little bit of gas into the car, and spill some extra all over the ground and our shoes.  

We probably looked ridiculous. But that's what we get for only putting $5 in the car at a time. 


  1. my engineering skills were supreme. it was a three layer funnel. too. good.