28 April 2012


Remember when Scott got that initial call from Apple? Well we got another one of those yesterday, telling us we were moving to Hawaii for the next 2 years. We’ll be living somewhere close to Honolulu, and I’ll be attending BYU-H. I’m so proud of Scott and this job that he has worked so hard to get. I never expected to get this location, but I am thrilled and excited for what is ahead. 

We haven’t figured out logistics yet, but we are moving in the beginning of September. If you are from Hawaii, or just love that island, send me some tips, advice, why this place is great, or anything useful. I have never been to Hawaii, and don’t know much about it. So any bit of info will be great.

Hawaii here we come!

photo via Scott using Powerpoint


  1. My best friend lived there for 9 years and she says to save money drink powdered milk rather then carton milk because it's about 8 bucks cheaper!