05 April 2012

heaven is here

I'm sorry that I've disappeared for a few days, 
but it's going to have to be that way for a while. 
With three papers to write and many more finals to study for, my time is involuntarily being filled. 
However, once this week is over, (4 more days of classes!) I'm hoping to get blogging some more. 

Now, in between my studying/working/ithinkiamcleaning time, I've been reading this darling book that I received in the mail yesterday. 
So far, it's been a beautiful and very intriguing story that I can't stop reading. I've only read through Part 1 (her life before the crash). My favorite so far: Stephanie's early dating stories are extremely enjoyable due of the huge parallels that I've found in my dating life. 

Her story is amazing and inspiring and I hope one day I can meet her.

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