25 April 2012

i will not be blamed

it has been blazing hot in our apartment for the past day or so. we always have our windows open at night, and during the day our A/C is full blast. But we found our problem. 

since I don't cook much, and our parents have been offering us dinner for the past week, I haven't stepped into the kitchen  for a while. 
...Until last night, when I went to go make myself a little snack. Once I stepped up to the cupboard to get some yummy nuttella, I felt a surge of uncomfortable and abnormal heat. 
I turned around and saw that our oven had been left on. And the last time it had been used was when Scott made a snack the previous day. as in.. 32 hours before I noticed it. 

now, our apartment is at a decent temperature and I don't feel so desperate for cold showers. 

oh men. 

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