23 April 2012


Thursday was the Ingrid Michaelson concert, annnnd it was AMAZING.

First, Harper Blynn was the opening band, and they were great. I usually ignore the opening group, but honestly these guys were awesome – I basically almost died from their cover of Halo.
If you go right now to www.harperblynn.com , you can download their album for free. It’s great, and I listen to it quite often.

us with Blynn

But onto Ingrid,
She was perfect.  When she first came on stage, all I was thinking was,
she is a lot prettier in person, she sings amazing live, she must be the most down-to-earth person, she is hilarious, and I wish I could hang out with her.

Thanks to Cousin, I was actually able to go to this fantastic concert. Tickets sold out before I could get to them, but Chels had an extra one and let me buy it from her. Pretty much a life-saver.

 (Thank you chelsie, it honestly made my day!)
You can see  more photos from the concert here. 

photos via chelsie

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