12 April 2012

warm dinner on a rainy day

Due to the rainy weather today, I figured I would write a long overdue post fully dedicated to food and lovely it really is. ps. don't get any ideas here..I haven't actually cooked a meal for a couple weeks now. 

First, here's to an amazing meal that Scott made more me this past Valentine's Day. I didn't even have step into the kitchen! It was so delicious and honestly one of the best steaks I have had in a while. Everything was cooked to perfection.

The next meal is one that was completely made from scratch. (I felt pretty impressed with myself.) It was the classic Creamy Chicken Noodle soup and a loaf of bread. I got the soup and bread recipe from my mom, and the noodle recipe from my mother-in-law...and was put all together to make one heck of a meal.
The noodles are a blast to make and the soup is ultra creamy...Mmmm.
  I never realized how good they were, but making your own noodles for soup tastes the best.

If you are wanting the recipe for the noodles, soup or bread, email me and I'll send it on over!

- A little side note, isn't my wood cutting board just beautiful?
My darling husband made it for me for Christmas this past year. Favorite part: his little burned out logo.


  1. definitely want that bread recipe.


  2. send me an email so that I can get you that recipe! (:

    Just click the button on the left hand side with the mail icon.