24 May 2012

24 Hours

I've been pretty fed up with non-stop school and was ready for a break. 
So, earlier this week, I decided to take a little vacation in the middle of the week (this is SO not like me).

It started with a full day of school. I'm on campus from 10-7. On this day, I had a 2 hour break in between classes. Usually, I use this time for homework and such, but instead, I was daring and went hot-tubbing with Scott. When it was time for me to get back to class, it all clicked (with the help of Scott). Why should I go back to school? Why not go have some fun?

And so I rushed down to campus, turned in my test for my class, and promptly left. I put all my books in the back of the car, not to be seen for the next couple days. ... and thus began my 24-hour vacation. 

Scott and I hung out with our families, went out to dinner, went out on the hammock all night, came back home to watch SNL until 3am, slept in (missing my class), snuggled all morning, rappelled Upper Falls, made dinner together, and finished off the night with thick warm brownies and Modern Family. 

The whole time, I didn't think about school, projects, tests, reading, working out, peoplegiftsfoodhealthyblahblahbalh,  NOTHING.

Just me and Scott. 

And I believe it is one of the healthiest things I have done all semester.  
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