19 May 2012

hawaii or bust.

Since we’ve got a couple of big moves coming up, we went through our apartment and sorted out our stuff into a winter clothes pile, and then a hot and sunny Hawaii pile. So… with all of the extra that we can’t keep, we will be selling it today.

Along with Lacey and Nate, we will be having a multi-family garage sale today (Saturday) starting at 7am. Come check it out, because everything has to go.

I’m actually quite sad because I have to part with an authentic 80s black dress (along with a bunch more of my clothes), some decorations, and my yoga mat. I’m more upset about selling my yoga mat than I will admit.

Come check it out.  It might be fun. 


  1. So cool that you two get to go to Hawaii! I am excited I just found your blog today. Looks like we can be blog buddies.

  2. i got tons of cute clothes!!! thanks sis!!!