11 June 2012

campus to campus

Today was my last day of class. And well, my last day of BYU. I've only had a year at this campus, but it has definitely been an uplifting year for me. It's nice to think that I am a step closer to graduating, but a little bit bitter that I won't be finishing here on campus.

I took the time today to sit outside on my favorite benches, looking up at the jagged peaks from the mountains that I have been a sense of comfort, and maybe even bought one last snack at campus. 
I'm sad I'm leaving BYU - although I'm glad that my time here sufficiently odd enough for a mormon campus (married at 19 by the time my first class started, a junior and 19, actually enjoyed the testing center, etc.)
On the bright side, I'll be adding to my growing '# of universities takes for me to graduate" list:
       Already on the list:
(I also believe Independent Study should be on this list considering how much I'll be paying them.)

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