07 June 2012

a donut is my bridge mix

Tell me that doesn't look good. 

It's been fun going to BYU for this past year.
I've dreamed about going to this school since I was little. I especially loved listening to my parent's stories about their roommates, dates, and each other during their time at BYU. It's made me feel more connected to them and to this school.

One of my Mom's stories was that when she would have a break in between classes, she would go to the BYU Bookstore and buy a dollar's worth of bridge mix. To this day, whenever she is on campus with me, she will make us stop at the Bookstore to get her dollar's worth of bridge mix.

I've grown up hearing that story and I've gone and bought some with her. But recently I realized that I have found my own kind of bridge mix on campus. During my break in between classes, I'll go to the infamously great smelling shop, "Sugar and Spice," and buy an Old Fashioned donut for 70 cents.

I'm excited to tell my kids that my on campus snack was a 70 cent donut in between classes, and to then see what their variation and addition is to the original Bridge Mix. 


  1. oh. my. gosh. you're killin me. why can't cedar city have places like these? why.

  2. oh i love those! my mouth is watering! yum!

  3. It's fun to see that my little addiction has turned into a family tradition. It will be fun to see what your kids do. btw we should go try your addiction before you leave!