17 June 2012

fathers day.

I always thought my dad and I were completely different - the only similarity being some shared genes.
However, I have found over the past few years just how similar we are - - From licking our empty ice cream bowls clean, to our quiet and content nature. 
It has made us grown closer in our own way and has made me even more grateful for such a wonderful man in my life. 

My fondest memories with my dad were times where I think he was trying to toughen up a bit - - times where we connected the most. 
Like when we miscalculated a one mile hike to end up being a steep four mile hike that I wasn't expecting.
Or hiking up the narrows when all the other girls wanted to turn around, yet I kept trudging along side my dad. 
Or making me be okay with sleeping in the dirt
Or studying for an anatomy/biology/math test late at night
Or playing catch or making me keep running sprints to improve my time
Or laying in glacier water trying to beat the time against other guys, and when I knew he was rooting for me the whole time.
I like that my dad found that little tiny tomboy in me, brought it out, toughened it up a bit, and with a light punch in the arm gave me a meaningful "i'm proud of you."

I think that's what dads are for.

Happy Father's Day Dad.

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