07 June 2012

instead of a baby, I got some flowers

For Mother's Day this past month, our ward gave out Forget-Me-Not flower kits. I was very excited to grow little flowers from little seedlings.

This kit is sort of a flower planting kit for dummies. Multiple people have told me they have forgotten to water it, yet it still keeps growing. So I figured I could grow some lovely flowers. I watered them every morning, and shouted with joy when little stems of green poked through the fresh dirt. 

I came to water them a few mornings ago, and they were shriveled up and dead. Gone. (Realize that they got to the point where they were starting to bud - that little planter was full of green!)
I failed. I somehow killed the flowers that were meant for dummies to grow. 

It's a miracle that I'm keeping Scott alive. 

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