23 July 2012

birthday. 20.

My 20th birthday has been one of the best.
Although it had a bad start, and I was away from my family,
       I was in a city that I love, next to the man I love.

After classes, I was able to walk around the market area, buy one of my favorite crepes, and enjoy the ambiance of where I am living.
Scott gave me many gifts including chocolate, flowers, and some amazing clothes. Later that night, we were able to attend a formal hall, where we dressed up fancy and ate delicious food.

I love getting the coffee at the end of the meal -although I don't drink it, I love smelling it.

It was a fantastic birthday, and one that I will not forget. I am finally 20 - this year, and the next few to come, are the ages that I have looked forward to for so long.
Here's to the 20's and the adventures they'll bring..


  1. Cute dress! Glad you had a good birthday!! Miss you!

  2. I can't believe you did not add your special letters from your family on your blog post!