14 July 2012


So, Scott and I have been in Cambridge now for three weeks. It's been just enough time to figure out the city a bit and find our place.
As the weeks go along, I'll be posting more about life here in Cambridge, along with some pictures. 

As for now, here are some Fun facts:

Bikes here take precedence over the cars on the road. When crossing the street, always look out for bikers. They won't stop. I've almost been hit multiple times. No big deal.

It always rains. and at random times.  So now I carry an umbrella in my bag at all times.  - don't worry, it's only July.

There is a cute little crepe stand on Sydney St. where the crepes are only 2 Pounds. Plus I like to hang around there and chat with the workers. They're very friendly.

Cambridge alumni: Darwin, Newton, Wordsworth (fav. poet), and C.S. Lewis. 

Oxford and Cambridge are eternal rivals. (We're better.)

You can't walk on the grass at the colleges. Or the porters will yell at you.

The Porters - aka security guards, door opener, supply holder, etc - are amazing and such sweet old men. 

The weekdays are the time to go out and have fun. We always have things to go do. The weekends, on the other hand, are overly crowed with tourists and therefore thats when the local students go study. 

The berries here are amazing. More on that later. 

Oh, and I can't keep a serious face when people talk about Jesus College. or Jesus Lane. or Jesus green. 

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