12 July 2012

lauterbrunnen //

Lauterbrunnen was one of my favorite places that we visited. It is the epitome of Switzerland. 
There are over 500 waterfalls in that valley, and the mountains just loom above you. 
I think I most enjoyed this place because of the close mountains - just like home.

our drive there.

  cozy attic room

we love subarus!

Okay. This is Jake. Scott and I met him on our tram on top of the mountain. 
Jake is a base jumper. The guys with the squirrel suits. 
Well. He invited us to come with him to take pictures - not to jump of course.

At one point, we were literally scaling the cliffs of the Alps, only hanging onto nearby roots and branches. (there you go mom! we found a few pictures of it)

Watching them jump was exciting, yet also very terrifying. 
I immediately turned to Scott, told him he was never allowed to do that, and then immediately started shaking while trying to grab onto the side of the mountain. 

Overall, this place has beautiful views with very fairytale features. 

Bus-size bunkers for avalanches

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