11 July 2012

paris // 1

first of all.. I apologize for the LONG delay.
For the next little bit, I'll be posting about the traveling we did before we actually arrived in Cambridge.
second of all.. don't worry about the lack of pictures, we were only in Paris for FOUR DAYS. I don't know what we were thinking but we barely have any pictures (most are on our iphone). 

Has anyone read Sarah's Key out there? Here is Monument #1 dedicated to that incident.

And after asking over 15 people for help (NO ONE in Paris knows about these monuments, or even knows about the Vel' d'Hiv.) Here is Monument #2.

The Eiffel tower was gorgeous in all of its glory. 

Despite our lack of pictures, we did visit Champs-Elysees, Rue de Rivoli, all complete with a purchase of classic French black high heels. 

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  1. I'm so glad you got to see the Vel' d'Hiv monuments! And I love your very French cardigan. :)