11 July 2012

Paris // 2

disclaimer: all these pictures are from our iphone. sorry for the bad quality

During our stay, Scott met up with a friend, Vincent, from his time spent here in France. Again, we had no camera, and didn't think to take out our iphone. 
We went out for crepes and walked all over Paris. 

The first night we went to Lover's Bridge (i don't know how to spell the actual french name). It was a friday night, so 20-something year olds were hanging around smoking and drinking. Scott and I wrote our names on a lock and left it on the bridge (like the other hundreds of locks already there). 

Another day we went to a gypsy music festival with Vincent - complete with treats, thick smoke, and a flea market - where I bought some vintage postcards of Paris. 

street vendor making sugar-coated pralines (Mom you would appreciate this!)

(that's vincent beside me)

love the street-side cafes

best apple juice EVER

Our favorite day in Paris: going to the Basilic (while there was a church service - singing nuns and all), and having an immediate downpour as we were exploring the little surrounding streets. 

warmed up with some cozy hot chocolate

Julian! - we never got a picture of vincent ):

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