11 July 2012

Paris // 3

Again, disclaimer: all photos are from our iphone.

Scott's parent's treated us to dinner at the Montparnasse tower, or 'Le Ciel de Paris.'
The view was breathtaking, the food was interesting, but all the while I got to wear my special Parisan black heels. 

the glittering tower from afar

excuse the blurry-ness please

dessert was delicious.

I pushed barriers that day. This is a picture of my starter - smoked salmon. Gross when I realize that it's basically raw, but actually tasted good. 
I also tried caviar - disgusting. 
and veal - amazing, besides the fact that I felt terrible for eating baby cows

best part of the whole meal. My chocolate cake. to die for.

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  1. Wow!! What a gorgeous view, so jealous that you are in Paris!