25 July 2012

Richmond Castle // Abbey

On our way to and from Scotland (which was a horrible 8 hour drive each way) we stopped at Richmond Castle and and old Abbey.

Richmond Castle is a cozy castle nestled into a very interwoven town. Because the government took over the castle, is it still in excellent condition - you can still walk up little stairways and through different rooms.

Although the Castle was fun to see, my favorite stopover was at an old Abbey. (I totally can't remember the name!) We made this stop on our way to Scotland - that is probably why this was my favorite stop: it was my first time seeing something more wet and green than Cambridge!

The abbey was magnificent. It is amazing to see where the grass has grown over old tile - you can see nature taking over this beautiful building.
The fog added to the ambiance, making it feel mysterious. We had lots of fun exploring and hiking around the area.