24 July 2012

Scotland //

Scotland was beautiful. 
I've always imagined it to be full of red-heads, kilts, bagpipes, and plaid everywhere. 

And well, It was just that (besides the red-heads. I didn't see to many of those).

Everything was indescribably green and constantly covered in film of dew. The mornings were rainy and wet, and the rain eventually cleared away by the afternoon (although the clouds didn't). 
The evenings were the most spectacular. While looking at the looming black spires around you, a dense and damp fog creeps through the alleyways and buildings. It is both magical and terrifying. 
Scotland was cozy and had much more character and pride than you would ever expect. 

During our time in Scotland, we celebrated Scott's past birthday. (C'mon, we had to - it's scotland.) We took pictures with anything and everything 'Scott.' 
It was a perfect place for Scott - it reminds me so much of him. It's a handsome country (ha ha), with a lot of national pride, all covered in plaid. 

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  1. Your pictures are gorgeous! I would have loved to be there.