10 August 2012

english walks.

The weather these past few days has been great - I have finally been able to pull out my shorts from the back of my drawers. I've tried to spend lots of time wandering outside. This is partly due due to the fact that my skin is gasping for some sort of color (guys, I'm just so white.)

Besides the problem with my colorless skin, Scott and I have enjoyed the weather by going on many walks. On one side, night walks are always fun and sweet. There aren't many people around, and looking over the river Cam at night is beautiful. However, these night walks are usually because scott and I are looking for some sort of snack (we are such fatties.) 

Now, walks in the sun are best - and I actually have pictures for them. Whenever we have a free moment, Scott and I try to explore the different colleges in Cambridge. Cambridge University has 31 different colleges within it - we have probably only seen about 7.
One of my favorites so far is Downing College. We walked through it the other day and I fell in love. It is one of the most spacious colleges and looks very 'Pride & Prejudice'-ish. 

After walking through this college (and exploring many of the gardens in Cambridge) I now realize why 'afternoon walks' was such a social and fun thing to do in Austen's books. Honestly, who wouldn't want to spend their afternoons going on a walks through these lush, beautiful green gardens?

I do it almost every day. 

Doesn't this look quite a bit like Longbourn - the Bennet's home?

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