19 August 2012

Italy // Florence

Finally, here are the promised Italy pictures - prepare yourself for a huge overload.

There are two parts to our Italy trip, first being Florence. 
It was beautiful and grand, with lots to see and do. We stood in lines at museums (only to be turned away because we didn't have cash!), met lots of people, and ate great food.

One of our favorite spots was this market - I bought a lace scarf and Scott bought a leather belt. 
Not to mention, too many of the shop owners asked us to try on the leather jackets (note: its almost 100 degrees outside). One short and chunky man succeeded only because I was too nice to just walk away - and then began to tell me how great my body type was for leather jackets while feeling my waist, while I was sweating in the leather, and while Scott just stood there laughing. 

Michelangelo's Duomo was beautiful. No need to go inside, all of the art is on the surface. It was gorgeous during the day, but just stunning at night. 

Oh just some Italian models in the middle of the photo shoot. 

Michelangelo's Plaza was our favorite part of Florence. We got up to the plaza around eight and spent the next hour or so watching the sun go down over Italy. The temperature was perfect and a local guitarist made the night that much more romantic. 

And finally, I had to post a picture of the magnificent David. Initially I wasn't all that excited to see him (we paid waaaay too much money to get in), but he was actually quite a beautiful statue. 

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