19 August 2012

Italy // Pisa

Our second half of the trip was spent in Pisa. 
In Florence we enjoyed the scenery, museums, and buildings. 
Pisa was perfect because it was our place to relax and enjoy some much needed sun. We somehow scored on our Bed & Breakfast reservation - we ended up with a little flat all to ourselves. We had a pool right outside our door and we spent a full day basking in the sun. 

Each night we ended up dressing up a bit and heading on over to our newly-found favorite restaurant, 'Aphrodite.' It was a relaxing, quiet, and very nice restaurant where we ate outside in the sweet summer air, and had one of the best caprese and pasta dishes during our trip to Italy. 

Of course, we stopped by the Leaning Tower of Pisa - but did not want to follow the hoards of people taking leaning pictures. 

So, of course, Scott decided to take a different route from the cliche leaning tower pictures, and we had some fun sneaking around and taking quick shots. 

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