06 August 2012

lets go home

Yesterday, Scott and I got back from a weekend trip to Italy (pictures coming soon!). It was hot, humid, and sticky, and a fun place to explore.

However, surprisingly enough, I welcomed the gush of humid and bitter cold wind that hit me while I stepped off the plane. That England-ish weather made me smile. 
Something about it felt so much like home. 

I've come to realize recently that this place is becoming a second home - I just love the close-knit castle-like structures and my daily walks along cobblestone alleyways. I sincerely don't mind the weather (even though I do love the sun), and feel very comfortable living among the smells and sounds of this town.

And, well, now that we have less than small three weeks left here, I'm finding that I'm more disappointed to leave such a lovely place - someplace where I have grown and seen myself change. 
someplace that I call home. 

1 comment:

  1. I'm so happy you have had such a good experience there! But I'm glad you are coming home to Utah soon! :)