24 August 2012

on leaving.

We leave Cambridge today and head into London for a last look around - and then fly out for Utah tomorrow.

I'm sad to leave here. It's been a place of so much growth and change.

Scott and I have grown closer together, and personally, I've pushed myself out of my comfort zone. 

I have been tested - not just academically (haha) but physically and spiritually - and I have seen myself change and grow from that.

I have completely taken in this place and I'll miss a lot of it:

I'm going to miss the sweet coffee and cinnamon smells while passing cafes.
I'm going to miss my favorite yummy crepe stand and the nice people that work there.
I'm going to miss people playing music in the streets, whether that be a violin, guitar, or accordion.
I'm going to miss the sense of belonging - the fact that I know the cultural lingo, that tourists stop me to ask for directions, and that the local punters have stopped asking me if I want to hire a punt (although that's probably from the daring looks I give them).
I won't miss the tourists, their pictures, and the human barricades they seem to create.
I'm going to miss the Victorian buildings, close alleyways, and grand dining halls. 

Overall, I'm going to miss this magical place I call home. 

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