07 August 2012


Last week, when the sun actually came out and I felt warmth on my skin, we went punting down the river Cam (something you have to do if you ever visit Cambridge. 

punt: /pĘŚnt/ n. 1. a long narrow flat-bottomed boat, square a both ends, and propelled with a long pole, used mainly for recreation. v. 2. to travel or convey in a punt.

This was my first time going down the river. Luckily I have  Scott, who's been before. So he basically navigated the boat while I enjoyed the views and snapped pictures. There were too many punts around, and well, punting is much harder than it looks. So while everyone else on the river either rammed into each other or fell into the water, I had a fine time soaking up the sun. 


  1. LOVED all the pictures. Great post. So fun to see the things you guys are doing.

  2. this is prefect.
    love all of these pictures.