26 September 2012

a new season.

Yesterday I saw some snow up on the top of the mountains, and it made so excited.
So excited in fact, that I decided I didn't want to move away anymore.

Fall is by far my favorite season, especially Utah's fall. Everything gets dark and cozy, clouds settle themselves on the mountain tops, and rain often makes a visit.
This is the time of the year where I love to start wearing thick wool socks and cozy cable knit sweaters, and wait for my sweet pumpkin cookies to bake while I cuddle near a fire.

This is the time of the year where I had to say goodbye to a new guy that stole my heart and was leaving for France for 4 months.  This season reminds me of a time full of anxious waiting, lots of Facebook messages, and falling in love. It is the time of the year where Scott and I were finally married and enjoying our first few months of marriage together.

Fall used to be my most dreaded season, but now I get overly excited and happy when this time of the year comes up. Its full of love, laughter, and warm cozy moments. It makes me hold those I love even closer and helps kisses linger a little longer.

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  1. I am glad you are loving Utah fall! I miss it so much! This is my first year with out it because I am in florida.. it just isnt the same!! Enjoy it!

  2. wow! no wonder your majoring in english!!!