12 September 2012


Scott and I finally arrived in Honolulu yesterday with 4 boxes to call our own. We've been traveling a lot and it feels good to be 'somewhat settled'. Within the first day, I was blown away with the island and very excited to finally be here. We've been talking about this move for so long, and it never seemed like it was going to happen. 
We checked into a hotel, got some Subway for dinner (fyi - its $6 foot longs here, not 5), and ate out on the beach while watching the sunset. It was a very good day and I was happy to be here.

Today (our second day here) was a bit different and not as idyllic. Although my senses are telling me this should be vacation time, we no longer have time to relax and sit around. We started off the day watching the Apple keynote address (of course) and then quickly began our search for an apartment. So far, no luck. We are just barely hunkering down for the night, only to begin the search tomorrow. 

After the second day here, I've already begun to see how different it is here. Being here as a tourist is nice and romantic, but we've found that living here as a resident can get pretty ghetto. 
I've learned that A/C will probably not happen, that walking around the city is key, and that I just might not have an oven for the next to years.
Brownies and eggs will become a delectable, Top Ramen is still cheap here, and therefore my life here will be close to what I had as a freshman in the dorms - including the size of my room. 
The street names are close to impossible to learn - there are too many l's, m's, and k's - and one way streets make me so mad.
But, I already love the weather, the prices at Walmart, and the Hawaiian people-their smiles and kindness make me so happy.

Honestly, this move has been harder than I expected it to be. Saying goodbye to family and friends was gut-wrenching, and made me take the time for a good crying session in the car ride afterwards. Its nerve wracking to not have an apartment, and to know that I'll be spending a lot of my time alone in this big foreign-like city when Scott works.
But I am grateful for the opportunity to be here and I am excited to truly become a Hawaiian.

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  1. I am so excited for yall! Hope an apt comes thru fast!!