17 September 2012

home again home again jiggety jig

This picture was our last little goodbye session, where I was tearing up and getting all emotional. This was supposed to be our last goodbye for quite awhile. 
But surprise, surprise - I'm back home again (within a whopping 8 days). Apartment hunting was not as gracious as we were initially hoping for. All of the ready-to-move-in apartments were crap - as in, they were "refurbished motel rooms" that they expected you to live in for a year. 
So instead, we went a better direction and chose an apartment that was meant to be an apartment, with the clause that it will be ready to move in October 1. And with Scott leaving for two weeks to Texas, we found that it was significantly cheaper for me to fly back home, than to pay for a hotel and eat expensive Hawaiian food for two weeks. 

So now I'm back home, enjoying my free time, spending loads of time with my siblings, and missing my sweet husband. 
In two weeks time I'll be back in the state of Aloha, this time with my mom joining me, and getting our little (and I mean VERY little) apartment set up.  

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  1. what a fun surprise to go back home again! I am jealous! Have a blast!!! Glad you found a good apartment!