30 October 2012

first night.

Our first night in our new place was hell. literally.
 It was hot, full of yelling mad people, and little demons.

After a day full of cleaning, caulking, and spraying, we were both exhausted and ready for sleep.
But, sleep wasn't such an exciting thing at the moment: we had no A/C, we were sleeping on an air mattress, and there were still cockroaches roaming about (as we're sleeping on the floor).

Well, we try our best to make it work. Because we had no A/C, we opened the windows to get a breeze. Well that homeless camp across the street decided to try and break into a nearby car, sending off car alarms throughout the night, and starting a domestic dispute or two.

So we spent the night wide-eyed in fear that we were either going to be robbed or that cockroaches were going to crawl all over our faces.

How fun.

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