30 October 2012

hello again.

I'm finally back.
A lot of things have happened since I last posted - lots of tears, frustration, and ruddy cockroaches.

Just as an update:
we quickly found out that the apartment we had originally signed for was infested. I wasn't back in Hawaii at this point, so Scott had to deal with everything. We thought we would have to live with it, but after some local friends looked it over, we quickly found that it was not livable. Luckily, we got out of our lease, but oh so unluckily, we had to start over on apartment hunting. 

This time, my mom was coming back with us, and we were back to hotel hopping. 
After a week of searching and a few declines on rental applications, we made the decision to move back to Utah. Only immediate family knew and we began working towards this decision. Things started to look brighter,
until Scott's transfer request didn't go through. 

To sum things up, we quickly took a cheap 350 sq-foot apartment for $1300 a month (I still can't believe we're paying that much. Gag).
We live across the street from a hobo camp, right above a greasy burger place (we're gonna get fat), and down the street from a very loud and obnoxious club. 
Did I mention we don't have A/C and that the roaches are still in full force?

Little by little we're setting things up and slowly (oh so slowly) learning to love Hawaii. We've had quite a rough start and lots of bad luck, but we're hopeful that we'll create fond memories here. 

And so begins the long road to a more positive outlook on Hawaii.

photo via my iphone background via here


  1. glad to see you back in the blogging world. :) p.s. yall have roaches....we have mice!

  2. yikes! I remember when I was in Hawaii for a camp, we spent the night in the mountains on tarps and I went to bed with just a fleece blanket and basically slept with a lot of cockroaches all over me... it was AWFUL! I wish you better luck in the things to come!


  3. Love the picture. So glad to see you back to blogging. It's fun to read your posts again.