03 November 2012

dia de los muertos.

With the unchanging weather and a warm humid cubicle for an apartment, Scott and I sorta forgot that it was Halloween on Wednesday.
There was no celebrating that night even after we realized- Scott worked late.

So, instead, we celebrated last night. (I think it still counts considering Nov. 2 is Dia de Los Muertos)

We were very adamant about celebrating Halloween (on the right day or not) so that we can start some of our own family traditions. So, last night, we had some yummy root beer, dressed up a bit, and made homemade chicken noodle soup (with homemade noodles - yum). 
And of course, we had a bag full of candy all to ourselves.

It was a fun night that we had together. Its little traditions like these that bring back family memories, create new ones, and make this place feel a little more like home.