17 November 2012

my favorite days

my favorite days:

     are those where our apartment actually gets a breeze; where our creme-colored curtains flutter in the wind and my hair gently tickles my face.

     are when I get the courage to bake something yummy in the kitchen (in spite of those pesky cockroaches), and I get a little sweet smell of home and familiarity.

     are when Scott doesn't have work, and we sleep longer in the mornings, and cuddle and laugh until lunchtime. 

     are when I get to go down to the beach and my white skin gets some color

      are those where the apartment feels cool, I have the bills/cleaning/errands done, and I have a day off from work to relax with healthy snack food, no make up, and some classic rock.

    are those where our cockroach count is below 3.

    are when I get to talk to those I love.

     are when I see that my problems and insecurities aren't as important as helping someone else.

    are those where I get to explore and discover some cool things about this island, and I learn to love it just a little bit more.

1 comment:

  1. i'm so glad things are looking up :) and you'll have to tell me about the happiness project, i've been meaning to read it!