01 November 2012

tsunami warning.

video via here of the sirens that night

Today is the first of the month - which means Hawaii sets off it's tsunami sirens for a test run. It's a pretty terrifying sound that resonates through your whole body. And it makes me nervous just listening to it - even when I know it's just a drill.

Just a couple days ago, we had quite the scare from these sirens.

Around 8pm, while Scott and I were watching Parks and Rec and making ginger ale, we heard a really weird high pitch noise just outside our complex. Scott brushed it off and said it was just an annoying motorcycle driving by.
When the sound still continued, I turned to Scott and all that I said was, "it can't be what I think it is."

(Just two weeks earlier, when my mom was visiting, she and I had a in depth conversation about tsunamis. I had never considered that we were in the prime place for that kind of storm, and it instilled a new fear in me.)

I ran outside and looked around - Scott yelled from inside the apartment and confirmed that there was a tsunami warning. Apparently, just a couple hours earlier there was a 7.7 earthquake of the shore of Canada, and the offset of waves was heading directly for Hawaii and would hit in 2 hours. I began to shake and every possible bad scenario began to run through my head.

We, I had NO idea what we were supposed to do, so I immediately called another member in our church, only to quickly find that all the phone lines were down and busy. Roads became jammed and news stations were heard whispering all around the apartments. Scott immediately took charge and told me to get together our food, fill up the sinks and pots with water, and then let me know that everything was going to be okay.

We continued to hear the sirens go off every half hour and, remembering my conversation with my mom, it made me extremely homesick and nervous every time.

Not much happened on our side of the shore, but we continued to stay up until 2am to get the official "all clear" and to drink away our ginger ale. Overall, what started out as a nerve-wracking and terrifying night, ended up to be a fond memory to the both of us. We really learned how grateful we are for ability we have to get any kind of warning, for the things we have, and for the people we love.


  1. What are your plans if a real bad tsunami is going to hit Hawaii. Do you go to higher ground/ Stay where you are? Should you have a 72 Hr Kit? What does the Church leaders in Hawaii suggest? I was up at 3AM watching the news from Hawaii. Love you guys Grandpa

    1. We are actually working on putting together a 72 hour kit, and even some backup food storage. That is about all we can do. Luckily we are out of the evacuation zone, and a little higher up. If the tsunami warning was bad enough we would drive up the mountain a little bit - but we didn't have to do that this time.