14 November 2012

weekly happenings.

Noteworthy happenings from this past week:

I finally succeeded in finding a job! I now work at Sephora in the heart of Waikiki (it's actually across the street from where Scott works). It's only seasonal, but I'm hoping to stay on after the holidays. Here is to no more free time, but dual incomes!

It now downpours every night - it feels cozy and it cools off our apartment. Keep it up Hawaii - I'm liking the colder weather.

I have finally started meal planning! I've attempted this over and over again, but always failed. With all my past free-time, I decided that I needed to plan better. This is week three of meal planning, and I've already noticed that I look forward to cooking dinner, and our grocery bill has gone down. Woot.

Scott and I went to see Skyfall today. It was Scott's day off today, and I didn't work until 4, so we took the opportunity to go to the theaters for a matinee. It was amazing - go see it on the big screen. And in the words of Cousin, "Two and a half hours of gorgeously tailored men's clothing." Oh so true. It was all just so classy.

The cockroach count for the past week has been 3
Thank you commercial-grade pesticides that have probably ruined our fertility.


  1. i literally laughed out loud at that last line. but that's no laughing matter! i hope you're wrong!

  2. LOL....for the cockroach count as well as the possible loss of fertility! But I expect grand babies (no real hurry) in the future!

  3. Im laughing out loud at that last part... and then now I'm laughing out loud cuz I read the comments above mine. HILARIOUS. But really, that is a perfect one liner right there.