23 December 2012

christmas is home

Christmas finally made it to our humble abode. 

Yesterday, unaware that Christmas was in 4 days, Scott and I were going about our typical daily routine. Scott was leaving for work, so we walked downstairs together to check the mail, only to find a frazzled mail lady. She quickly asked us if we were 405 (we are) and handed me some letters and told me to follow her to the truck. 
Inside were packages from my mom, scott's siblings, and scott's parents. 

Maybe it was the fact that we got all of the packages at once, or maybe it was just that we forgot that Christmas was so soon, but we finally felt an overflow of Christmas spirit that afternoon. 
(Not to mention, I found out that I ONLY have to work Christmas night - bring on the Christmas miracles!)

Plus, we finally have some (ghetto) Christmas decorations up that make our little apartment feel just a little bit more jolly.  -- please excuse our guitar 'tree,' we're poor --

Now that we have some homemade snacks from loved ones, christmas lights for added coziness, and gifts to put around our guitar, Christmas can officially begin. 

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