29 December 2012


To begin, lets be honest, the 80s brought some good things to this world.  

For years, I fought my dad against this notion. While he was telling me about how great Journey or Rolling Stones was, I always raved about how great *Nsync and Brittney Spears were, and how Backstreet Boys stole my heart and Radio disney had the best music.

Then one day, I'm guessing out of desperation for my soul, my dad introduced me to Styx. I went to a concert with him and my world was rocked.
From that day forward I've never turned back.

From Journey, Simple Minds, Tutone, Bon Jovi, to Men With Hats,
I'm in love with it all.

Because honestly, there are only a couple of artists today that I would be proud to tell my own kids about - because these guys just never get old.

There are numerous amount of times where my dad and I would be driving in his car, listening to a classic rock radio, and he'll say, "Who's this? Can anyone guess the artist?" At first my siblings and I would get frustrated and never guessed - Which usually resulted my dad saying things like,  "C'mon guys. It's something that can't hear.... nothing? okay, deaf.... and now a jungle cat.... any guesses? well its a leopard. Def Leppard! Okay, you guys can get the next one."

Now that I have a deep appreciation for classic rock,  I have a greater appreciation for the deep love my dad has for this music, and now the music game is something that I get excited to play when we go on drives together.

And you want to know what dad,
you were right.
The eighties are best.

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