10 December 2012


Things I've learned since moving to Hawaii:

Cockroaches are invincible.

Be more charitable - help in any way that you can. Simply letting someone borrow an air mattress or asking to store some boxes can lift quite a bit of stress.

I am the best couch potato. In our case, bed potato.

Bills are still exciting to get. As long as I am getting something in the mail, I feel pretty happy. 

In Hawaii, you can legally enter public buildings while barefoot.

I can smash a cockroach with my bare hand.

Always be a good example. You'll be surprised who is watching you, and making assumptions about your faith, family, etc.

75 degrees can feel cold.

Some creeps don't always care that you're married. They'll still hit on you.

Give more.

Every third Friday of the month, our Mccully neighborhood puts out any furniture on the side of the road that they want to get rid of. And that's how we got our free Hawaiian chair. 

I love seeing all the men in military uniforms walking around. It makes me feel so proud of my country.

Costco feels like home.

And most importantly,
Things will ALWAYS work out. It's never my own timing - but the Lord's. It always come around and works out for the best. 


  1. i literally flinched at "i can smash a cockroach with my bare hand." but by the end of this i was tearing up. thanks for the emotional rollercoaster. lol can't wait to come visit!!

  2. I loved this post...very fun to read. I thought it was so funny to have Costco feel like home. But I get that.