08 December 2012

Leonards Bakery

When we first moved here, Scott and I found this little gem from a little tip-off from a blog Lacey recommended.

That initial trip has sparked a whole new obsession. 
Leonard's is an old little bakery that makes the best little malasadas (basically fried balls of dough covered in sugar) -  a new staple item for our life in Hawaii.

Anytime we both have a bad day, where the tourists are extra mean at work, things are too hot and muggy, and we're tired of the ghetto that we live in, we always know that it's a Malasadas Night!

This fried treat always puts a smile on our face and they're just too tasty to pass up.
Just know if we're getting a visit from you, you'll be seeing a lot of that faded little pink box.


  1. I miss those little fried balls of delight!

  2. I'm glad you found something helpful on that blog! These look good!